Nominate members for 2006 Governor's Award

  1. Award the hard work or our members
  2. Encourage involvement in the Network from the nominated members
  3. Support the NM state woman's programs
  4. Help make the Network more visible in the state
If you would be interested in having NMNWSE nominate you (great!), or would like to recomment another NMNWSE member (please confirm they would be willint to be nominated), please let Tinka Gammel know by Friday, January 6.

We have had more than one NMNSWE member win this award in a given year, but if we receive several nominee suggestions, we may use some of the nominee suggestions for a different award or in a future year, so NMNWSE nominees aren't "competing against each other".

Keep in mind, whomever is nominated will have to be willing to write a ~500 word summary on their achievements. The NMNWSE board is willing to assist in this (see In order for the Network to submit a packet by the deadline (NMNWSE will pay the application fee and may add additional supporting materials), we need to get achievement summary and supporting materials from the nominee by Thursday, February 16, 2006.