NMNWSE Award at the 2011 NM Supercomputing Challenge Expo

The NMNWSE Special Award at the 2011 NM Supercomputing Challenge Expo, held April 25-26, 2011 in Los Alamos, NM, went to team 106 from Robertson High School, Las Vegas, NM, for their project Specifires, which investigated the impact of keystone species on wildfire behavior. The final report on their project is available at

Each student on the team received $50 and an NMNWSE tote bag, and the teacher also received a tote bag. The judge for the NMNWSE Special Award was Eleanor Walther.
Congratulations to the team members Austin Fenzi, Victoria Gomez, and Victoria Jauregui, as well as their teacher Mike Boyle and mentor David West!

NMNWSE Awards at the 2011 NM Science and Engineering Fair

NMNWSE Special Award winners at the New Mexico Science and Engineering Fair held April 1-2, 2011 at NM Tech in Socorro, NM

Received $50 check, certificate and tote bag:

Received certificate and tote bag:

Judges for the 2011 NMNWSE Special Awards were Yolanda King, Elizabeth Kallman, Laurie Marnell, Nan Founds, Nancy Jo Nicholas, Charlotte Coleman, and Susan Elliott.
Congratulations to all NMNWSE student award winners at the State Science Fair, and their teachers and mentors!