June Newsletter now online

Articles include:
 Call for IMPACT! Award nominations (2015 nominations due Sep 14, 2015).
 Upcoming events, and call for papers for the NMNWSE Annual Meeting October 23-25, 2015 as well as volunteers to serve on the 2015-16 Board.
 Reports from our spring EYH conferences (with pictures!), and premilinary announcements on our fall EYH
 NMNWSE student Award winners at the Supercomputing Challenge and State Science Fair
Plus personal highlights, a big donation from BCBS for our EYH, and more.
 6/14/15: now includes SF-fall EYH date (Sep 19) and revised IMPACT! Award nomination deadline (Sep 14).

To submit articles and personal highlights for the fall Newsletter, email the webmaster. Please email the NMNWSE listserver if you wish to share news in a more timely fashion.