2009 NMNWSE Annual Meeting - Register Now!

Registration is now open for the 2009 NMNWSE Annual Meeting and Technical Symposium, which will be held 16-18 October 2009 at the Hacienda Vargas Bed and Breakfast in Algodones, NM. Please see the annual meeting webpage for the meeting circular, registration form and other details. Note that students presenting posters are eligible for a meeting scholarship, and our IMPACT! award will be presented at the conference dinner on Saturday. If you might attend but are not ready to register, we encourage you to fill in the interest survey to help with our meeting planning. We also encourage you to make your hotel reservations early.

2009 NMNWSE IMPACT! Award nominations due 18 Sep

The IMPACT! Award is a great opportunity for a deserving woman to be recognized by her peers as well as the Commission on the Status of Women. It is critical that we take the opportunity and make the effort to support each other by submitting nominations for this award.

Who are you going to nominate? Most of you know someone who deserves to be recognized. Please make the effort - the nomination form is not difficult to fill out. Note that if you have previously submitted a package, just update it if needed, and resubmit. Each year we have a whole new list of nominees and your nominee could easily be the winner in 2009.

Please visit our IMPACT! Award webpage for the nomination form and other information. Don't hesitate to contract the NMNWSE Board if you have questions about the nomination process.

Online voting for the 2010 NMNWSE Board now open

10/16: VOTING NOW CLOSED - you can still vote in person at the meeting
Online Voting is now open for the 2010 NMNWSE Board. Online voting closes on 14 Oct 2009. You may also vote in person at the Annual Meeting on 17 Oct 2009. Positions being filled are Vice-President/President-Elect, Secretary, and At-Large. Five people are runnning for these slots, and there is space on the ballot for additional write-in candidates. A motion to change our legal name to agree with our name as in our bylaws is also on the ballot.