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Careers: Exploring the Possibilities: created and published by NMNWSE for our EYH conferences
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Table of Contents
  1. Archaeology
         Cynthia Ann Bettison
  2. Architecture
         Toni Seidel
  3. Astronomy / Astrophysics / Space Science
         Joyce Ann Guzik
  4. Biology
         Melissa Siders
  5. Business Management
         Linda McEwen
  6. Chemistry
         Betty Harris and Darleane Hoffman
  7. Computer Science / Engineering
         Denise George and Nancy Martin
  8. Dentistry
         Gail Ray and Sherilyn Azvedeo
  9. Ecology
         Deborah Ulinski Potter and Diane Dudzinski
  10. Engineering
         Kim Dalton Linder, Donna Cowell Senft, and Delores Etter
  11. Engineering and Science Laboratory Technician
         Catherine A. Hensley and Marcie H. Fuerschbach
  12. Environmental Science
         Kelly Bitner
  13. Field Service Technology
         Christy Rixman
  14. Geology
         Marguerite Rodriguez and Georgianna E. Peña-Kues
  15. Health Physics
         J. Margo Clark
  16. Histology
         Sally Breeden
  17. Hydrology
         Martha A. Hayes
  18. Investment Analysis / Brokerage
         Linda Kay Thorne
  19. Law
         Morrison Bennett and Pamela Minzner
  20. Materials Science
         Deniece Korzekwa
  21. Mathematics
         Elizabeth J. Kelly and Barbara G. Epstein
  22. Medical Technology
         Judy Hendricks and Pat Olson
  23. Medicine
         Betty A. Hagman
  24. Oceanography
         Lori Cary-Kothera and Teresa Greely
  25. Patent Agent / Patent Attorney
         Diane Albert and Morrison Bennett
  26. Pharmacy
         Barbara Wood
  27. Physician Assistant
         M'Lou B. Stevens
  28. Psychology
         Amy Anderson, Tom Locke, and Therese Elizabeth Goetz
  29. Physics
         Catherine Asaro and J. Margo Clark
  30. Statistician
         Katherine Campbell
  31. Technical Communication
         Peggy Durbin
  32. Toxicology
         Melecita Archuleta
  33. Veterinary Science
         Patricia M. Moore

  34. Selecting an Occupation
         Joanne M. Wambeke and Barbara Solari
  35. Why Take High School Mathematics?
         Mary Ann Sweeney
  36. Education Options After High School and College
         Patricia Luna and Nancy Martin
  37. Think About College Now!
         Tony Oviedo
  38. Paying for Your Education
         Yohanna Patrice Wiuff and Jane Bennett
  39. How to Have a Successful Job Interview
         Joanne M. Wambeke and Barbara Solari
  40. You Need a Mentor
         Mary. V. Bochmann
  41. Networking
         Mary. V. Bochmann
  42. Cover Letters
         Joanne M. Wambeke
  43. Resumes
         Joanne M. Wambeke and Sherry K. Reisfeld
  44. Stress Management
         Amy Anderson
  45. You Need to be Assertive
         Amy Anderson
  46. Sexual Stereotyping and Sexual Prejudice
         Elaine Gorham-Bergeron
  47. Combining Marriage, Family and Career
         Caroline (Cass) Mason
  48. Getting a Summer Job
         Mary V. Bochmann
  49. Steps to Leadership and Success
         Lena Hakim
  50. Ten Tips for Being Financially Savvy
         Barbara Torres and Patricia B. Bender
  51. Women as Leaders
         Barbara Torres